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WS No.19 MkII USA Lend Lease Tank Installation Kit. [Descargar Tema]
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Mensaje WS No.19 MkII USA Lend Lease Tank Installation Kit. 
I've sort of become fascinated with the Signals mainly with the usual Canuck slant.
 I've been picking up odd WS stuff for a year or two now and have come across some interesting communication items.
 I bought a partial WS19 MkII USA Lend-Lease tank installation for say a Sherman or pretty much any other piece of British armour, Russian or any ie Brazilian, Polish, Australian etc United Nations Ally.
 We'll start on the bottom shelf.

 No.7 Hand held Microphone and Headgear assembly USA manufacture.

 6 Volt Battery box made of oak, steel corners and a heavy wax finish.

 Starting on the left side various operator lamps and fittings one is clipped to the steel racking, one is still in the original packaging unopened. The lens and bulb were removed and the lamp screwed in the bulb socket.
 In the foreground are a couple of Junction and Control boxes behind is a Wireless Remote Control Unit No.1 (Cdn)

 The Operators Lamp No.5 Cdn, amber, clear and red lenses.

 Lenses and fittings.

 Junction and Control boxes that headphones and mics are plugged into.

 WS19 Junction Distribution Box No3 ZA 10244 with a Call Commander button, sent a signal to the commander if he wasn't on intercom IC. Usually used by the driver.


 Control Unit No.6 Mk2/1 Post war as the Mk2 number is Arabic as opposed to WW2 which used Latin as in MkII


 Another Junctn Distn No.3 Call Commander US manufacture I think.


 Control Unit No.2 MkII


 The second shelf. Most of these items are from a WW2 USA tank installation kit. Many items are still missing.


 Wireless Set WS No.19 MkII USA Lend Lease.

 Power Supply Unit PSU No.1

 Another waxed 6V battery box, and the power cable that runs from the lower 6 point socket on the PSU to a terminal box that was connected to the slip rings in the turret bearing, and then to another terminal box in the hull that connected to power and the rest of the crew, driver, assistant driver/MG and the loader.

 WS No.19 Spare Valves Case USA Lend Lease

 Pye Plugs all in the foreground, extreme left male Pye plug with all washers, locking rings and nuts for the face plate of the set, variometer housing etc. Centre are male Pye fittings, on the right I'm not but they are female Pye fittings, but the cable end is wrong for WW2 aerial cable, it appears to be a smaller nut for a lighter cable. Far right are two 3 way Sockets in original packaging unopened.

 Top Shelf


 Aerial Bases

 Aerial Base No.8 for F Rods on the left and a G Rod Aerial Base No.9 on the right.

 Aerial Base No.9 left and a No.8 on the right.

 Aerial Base No.10 with a Laporte V Adaptor.

 Counterpoise used to improve signal reception.

 Variometers Canadian, British, USA. Variometers varied the current radiating from the 'A' Set antenna F Rods, so that it was a 1/4 wavelenght. One DID NOT touch an aerial when the wireless was on.

 Aerial end.

 Set end with the tuning dial, dail could be adjusted by rotating on the 6 screws. An 'A' Set aerial cable fastened into a Pye socket on the side of the can.

 Canadian version, the rear plates could be easily changed. This one might be post war or late WW2 and is a type that would be used in a ground station, a co-ax cable to the aerial fastened into the fitting.  

 British model. The plate is for direct mounting through the roof with the aerial base fastend from above.

 American version. The plate is for an aerial cable attachment with the Variometer mounted other than directly through the roof. Top left is the inside of a similar plate with the cable attached.

 The other end of the above cable with the plate that would be on the inside, usually used for through the roof. It was joined to the aerial mount with a short jumper through a thick rubber collar ring.

 Bottom of a No.8 aerial base with the pigtail attached.

 The bottom side of the rubber collar that goes between the roof and the aerial base.

 Thickness of the rubber collar about 1".

 Aerial base, rubber collar, plate and cable.


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Mensaje WS No.19 MkII USA Lend Lease Tank Installation Kit. 
Very interesting machines.

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